Volume 54, Issue 10

Alright.  I told you that I’d tell you about a tasty job site discovery so, here it is!  Honey!  That’s right.  A fully functioning bee colony was discovered during interior demolition of an abandoned building in the Treme and, as luck would have it, the job superintendent is a hobbyist bee keeper!  He suited right up and spent an entire day carving out the colony, its honeycomb and the some tens of thousands of bees that went with it!  What did he bring to the next site meeting?  Jars of honey that look like molasses (which, I’m told, is on account of the bee colony being at least 7 or 8 years old).  Pretty amazing!


Of course, I can’t help but wonder about contaminants and the like, seeing as this abandoned building is literally coated in lead and teeming with asbestos but that bee colony was surely nestled inbetween floor joists and covered by a thick layer of plaster.  Methinks it’s okay.

But!  While on the topic of contaminants, did you know that OSHA recently released a proposed rule to protect worker exposure to silica dust, or “the deadly dust?”  Click on this link to see a related video and read more about the topic: