Volume 56, Issue 1

So, this month, radiant barrier installation is still in process and continues to make a marked difference in the indoor air temperature of our home but it’s not enough…

Enter, window insulation kits. My *other* new best friend.

These were a staple in many homes where I come from: an annual ritual, if you will. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!? That cold draft coming through the perimeter of my window sashes? Gone! Trapped between the plastic and the window. Good riddance.

“Doesn’t it look bad?” No. You can barely see it and no, the tape doesn’t take paint with it when you’re ready to remove the film.

Now, I don’t know who to give photo credit it, but this image pretty much sums it up!


For what it’s worth, I had to order these online since the folks at the local home improvement store hadn’t heard of them. There are variety of manufacturers, all of whom make a product that, in my opinion, is actually kinda fun to install: 3M, Frost King and Duck to name a few.