1. What platform do you use to write specifications?
    • lo.specs subscribes to, and utilizes Deltec’s MasterSpec (including MasterWorks) and has working experience with BSD’s SpecLink-E, which is a database-oriented program.
  2. Do you conform to CSI format?
    • Yes, the root content in MasterSpec conforms to CSI PageFormat and CSI MasterFormat.
  3. Will you work with our own office masters?
    • Certainly. You may supply us with your files or we can make arrangements to work in your environment.
  4. Have you worked with Revit?
    • Yes, and we can certainly maintain your keynote text file.
  5. Prior to going out on your own, what was your professional experience?
    • Please take this opportunity to review my resume (click to view LOstenson Resume).

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